Tuesday, December 7, 2010

J'aime la neige

It finally feels a tiny bit more like winter when the cold breeze woke me this morning. It doesn't feel like winter when it's 20 Celsius every day in this beautiful concrete jungle. I lived in Canada for 8 years and winter for me means lots of snow. When you have too much of it, you loathe it; when you don't get any of it, you start to miss the fluffy white pretty flakes that fall from the sky on winter days...

Bring out your furs, mitts & skates; or cuddle up at home with a cup of hot cocoa, set up an indoor tent, and watch some christmas movies. 
This is what winter should be like... White, snow angels, snowball fights... 

♥ L.

*pictures found from many different amazing blogs. 


  1. i love these photos! very inspirational

  2. Aww, I am sure Canada misses you too! If it's any consolation, Vancouver had one snow dump, lasted a few days, and now it's like it never happened. hehe:) love these pictures.

    xoxo, amy.

  3. yeah! snow is great!!!! :)

    Best :)

    ~ http://theappletea.blogspot.com/


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