Thursday, December 9, 2010


I am counting down to Christmas! I love Christmas decos. I live for them every year. I have this thing that I do with my boyfriend, we go around the city to take pictures of Christmas decos. Hong Kong has Christmas decos put up everywhere, and they go ALL OUT. I just get so bubbly around them. I'll put up pictures later.
For now, I want to introduce you to francfranc, a home deco store orginated from Japan and has become widely popular in HK. I love that store. I can spend hours in there. They have very chic and stylish things and of course the most adorable Christmas stuff. Go check out their website or if you're in HK, go check out their store in Causeway Bay, Festival Walk or Tsuen Wan.

I would love to have a real pine tree at home for Christmas. Sadly, I have always lived in small apartments that make real trees extremely messy to handle. So I settle for a plastic one. The plus side of it, your tree can be white and sparkly :)
My Christmas tree from francfranc 2 years ago.  
I keep adding new accessories to it each year. I got those angels from log-on last year. I will be adding more and more to my tree this year.

Discovered this song on my friend's facebook post. I had to share. I can't believe I had been so deprived...

Enjoy the festive atmosphere!
♥ L. 


  1. Thank you for your lovely birthday wish!! I can't believe Christmas will be here in just a few weeks! I've never heard of that Japanese store before; I think everything they made in Japan is so cute!! xxoxoxoxoo

  2. I love francfranc too!! They do have some amazing stuff!
    Can't wait till christmas, but I still prefer spending it back home in the UK with my friends and family!

  3. Yes I live in France! And you ? Where are yoy from ? In England ? or USA or an other country ? :) x
    I love speak english :)

  4. I'm in the right christmas mood! love decorations!! a big kiss

  5. thanks for your comment! :)
    love your blog!



  6. ohhh i wanna see hong kong christmas decorations!

  7. Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks for your coment in my blog!
    I like so much your blog!
    I love the chrismas <3!


  8. adorable blog! love it :)



  9. mmm. just found your blog & its absolutely delicious. bonus points for tristan&jason vid!!!!!!!! ;D officially a follower :)


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